Instructions following the example of Max's Curve that Anne done in Excel...Thanks Anne!
You can download this sample and directions at the bottom of this page! You will need winzip!

1) Open Excel and put headings on three columns:


Enter the appropriate values under these columns
2) Once all values have been entered, bold only the TIME and BG columns including headings and values

3) Click once on the Chart Wizard button on the toolbar (blue yellow red bar graph)

4) Under the Standard Types tab, select Line graph ~ you can click on a button here labeled 'press and hold to view sample' to see what it'll look like.  Click on Next >

5) Chart source data, click on Next >

6) Chart options, (here you can enter the title of the chart).  Click on the Data Table tab and put a check in the Show Data Table box (this puts the actual readings along with times at the bottom of the chart), Click on Next >

7) Chart location, the default here is As object in, where the chart will show up next to your numbers.  If you click in the top button As new sheet, you'll have a separate worksheet tab on the bottom of the whole spreadsheet that says chart1. Click on Finish

8) Once the chart has been added to the worksheet you can move it around to put it below the readings, make it wider so that all readings are showing.  You can print the chart alone by clicking on it and hitting the print button.  If you want to print the columns and values along with the chart, make sure you have clicked somewhere outside of the chart.

 Blood Curve Directions and Sample in a Zip
Download the above zip and zip it opent into a file folder. Then open the file titled SampleSS.xls with Microsoft excel
If you need addtional help on how to do this in Excel please email Anne Fiorenzo