What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Subject: Anna's 9th Anniversary ! ! ! 
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 

DX diabetic on August 1, 1998 and still going strong.

The Bobo Girl will be starting her 9th year as a diabetic on August 1st. Time flies when you are having fun. Seems just like yesterday that she was DX diabetic.

She's getting older, but otherwise is in perfect health.

Our major 'problem' with her lately is that over the past 4 months or so, her insulin requirement has DROPPED from 14-15 units BID to 9-10 units and she keeps going hypo.

This evening was the first time in more than a month and a half that her BG was over 100. Most days the meter is reading under 50 and even though I've been dropping the insulin, she's been going hypo about once every two days.

Some may remember that in the good old days when I was over regulating her, she would let me know she was going hypo by grabbing a bar of hand soap and eating it. Now she just staggers and falls. We have the Karo, dates and canteloupe routine down pretty well, although last night, it took over 3 hours before I could get a reading higher than LO.

Part of this I'm pretty sure is the result of a change in diet.

Many will remember that Anna was a BARF dog and that when we tested WD on her, it was sending her BG up between 120-180 points compared with 60 for BARF.
Had to take her off BARF because our other two dogs weren't doing well on it so I switched her to WD. It has been reformulated several times since we last tried it about 8 years ago and as far as I can see, accounts for the major drop in her insulin over the past few months.

She's also getting a lot more exercise since we got the hyperactive Weimaraner, Sergio Constanza (an Israeli comedian/movie star). He adoped Anna and Anna adopted him and the two rarely stop from 6am in the morning until midnight. At first, Sergio initiated all their play, but now Anna is just as likely to grab a tug rope and wave it in his face to play.

That's been going on for about a year so it appears most of the change in her insulin requirement has come from the switch to WD which we did about 6 months ago. It took about 1.5 months before I started to have to drop her insulin.

Anna's a Golden Angel when it comes to BG testing, insulin and her eye drops.

As soon as she sees me with the glucometer, she's on her back kicking her legs in the air. Bend over and she starts licking you, wagging her tail enough to fly and kicking legs everywhere. Makes it a real challenge to get that little test strip on that drop of blood, but its Anna's special time so I just deal with it, occassionally screaming KEEP STILL loudly in the morning before I've had my coffee.

When she sees the insulin, she rolls on to the side where she wants to be shot.

And when I open the closet where I keep her eye drops, she comes over, sits and tilts her head back cause she knows that when you get eye drops, you get a big kiss on the nose. :>)

Pretty clear to me that unless there are other problems, a diabetic should live a normal life as long as you maintain their BG's in a reasonable range.

Hi to everyone from me, Sharon, Anna-bo, Ama, Tiggy Tuga and the rest of the crew.


P.S. Sharon is working at a cat-only clinic now and smiling from ear to ear everyday.


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