What could be sweeter then a feline with diabetes!

Andee was adopted from our local Humane Society as were all our furry family members. He was brought home at the age of about 4 weeks and had to be bottle fed until he would take regular food. At the time I was home in bed with the flu and Andee spent most of that week sleeping under my chin except when I got him up to use the litter box or feed him. Andee and I developed a very special bond and when I am home will be right under foot whether I am out in the kitchen cooking or doing work on the computer. At 23 pounds he is now too big to fit under my chin to sleep but still has to be next to me through the night or when taking a nap in the afternoon. 

Andee was diagnosed with Diabetes in November of 2006.He was on insulin for 6 weeks until he converted back to a normal glucose level which he stay at until July of 2007 when he had to return to his insulin shots. 

As for Andee's siblings Samie was adopted a couple years before Andee. Binks was the next to come home at the age of 12 when my roommate started work at the shelter. He was going to be put down because of his age and not being able to be adopted. They are now a no-kill shelter. The next to show up was a 10 year old Australian terrier named Chewie. He tends to be the whipping boy for the cats. Also thought to be unadoptable because of his age and having on eye that had not developed from birth. He was a foster animal that never made it back to the shelter. Barnie was the last to show up also as a foster animal at about 5 to 6 weeks of age. He was only supposed to be with us until he hit the weight of two pounds. After a year and a half he has hit that mark and then some.

Michael Jay Smith

Andee shares some pictures of his family

Samie the only girl in the house and eight years old.

Chewie is ok for a canine!

Chewie is good to sleep beside too!

Andee after a hard day of work!

Andee works hard

Binks is 14 years old

Two year old Barnee who is always up to something.

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